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... for those accustomed to the very best

Undoubtedly, you want to travel to an enchanting part of the world. Our specialty is the design of tailor made travel packages that includes all the products needed for your trip.

Our motto is simple: To ensure memorable experiences for you and your loved ones.

Capri Leisure is not just another travel company and we are not looking for just another client. We aim to building strong, long term relationships with the discerning travelers who value expertise, responsiveness and attention to detail. You put your confidence in us and in return we will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

The key word is SERVICE. At Capri Leisure we do not simply sell trips, we sell VALUE.

We do know the difference between CLIENT and CUSTOMER.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary:

• Client: One that is under the protection of another.

• Customer: One that purchases a commodity or service.

Here is the distinction: when you choose us, you are under our care. We actively protect and look out for your well being, providing value and peace of mind beyond the monetary value of the transaction.

10 Good Reasons why you should engage Capri Leisure to organize a holiday you will never forget.

• Experience - Ten years experience in the tourism industry developing knowledge of both people and places. Especially in Capri nobody knows it better!

• Client Support - We work with our clients in sharing our astute knowledge of the islands’ resorts and vendors, ensuring the best value and no surprises.

• Communication - We believe this is the single most important ingredient to an exceptional and flawless travel experience.

• Creativity - We offer some of the most imaginative and tantalizing tours on the island from guided museum visits and island tours by boat to a taste of Italy’s culture through our gastronomical tours as well as to some of the island’s best shopping.

• Reliable, Plush Transportation - We provide smooth logistical coordination of even your most complex travel movements.

• Commitment - We limit the number of clients we serve at one time. Our clients have our full attention. Count on us to be there whenever and wherever you need us!

• Quality - We use only the finest local vendors. We are quality driven, not price or commission driven.

• Service - We pride ourselves on setting the standard for others to follow. Our clients work with the same person during all stages, from trip conception to billing.

• Consistency, consistency, consistency - We will be here, today and tomorrow. Our established, reliable procedures and systems ensure a consistent, high-quality experience for each and every event.

• Passion - We love the tourism industry, and that passion shines through in our work. In addition, we are committed to exceeding every client’s expectations.

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